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Social Psychology

Review the Bystander Effect. In 850-1,000 words, define and discuss the ways in which diffusion of responsibility, pluralistic ignorance, and victim effects can influence helping behavior. Include ways social and cultural pressure, and beliefs about “self” affect helping behavior. Use two to three scholarly sources to support your thinking, your textbook can be used as one […]

Disorder Assignment

Make up a scenario of a child and their family (1 page) – Age of the child – Family Dynamics –  Socioeconomic Status What causes this disorder? Come up with two interventions to help treat the child. If untreated what would this disorder form into in adulthood? What resources would you need to provide? – […]

Political Science

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapters 5 Lesson APA style manual Citation and Writing Assistance: Writing Papers At CU (Links to an external site.) Library Overview (Links to an external site.) How to Search for Articles – the Everything Tab (Links to an external site.) Two additional sources beyond those provided Instructions Research […]

Leadership And Conflict Resolution

Theories of Leadership Instructions Write a 4–5 page paper in which you: Determine two leadership theories and two leadership styles that support the definition of a public leader. Provide a rationale for your response. Discuss the differences, if any, between successful leaders in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Cite experiences and research to support your […]

Professional Communications

Three Assignment need three different paper. PLEASE make sure you understand before doing work. Case Study: Child Abuse Introduction This case study is designed to make you think like a forensic psychologist. Read the following scenario and answer the prompt below, the B.S. in Criminal Justice Library Guide. Scenario I am 22 years old, and I […]

Wrongful Convictions

As you prepare to write your first draft, review the Sample Paper and Administrative Position Paper as guides and include the following: Cover Page – APA format (Running Head: DESCRIPTOR, Page Number, Title, Author, University) Problem Statement Factors Bearing on the Problem Discussion References Do not include a Conclusion or Action Recommended section. Development of Your First Draft You […]

Civil Disobedience 300 Words

Laws in the US are constantly evolving as society continues to evolve. A great example of this evolution is the state of Washington legalizing marijuana. In this week’s lectures we compared the consensus and conflict paradigms and determined that laws can be an example of either paradigm. Based on your learning answer the following question: […]

Critique Legality Of DNA Collection

Instructions Because the term DNA is not being specifically mentioned in the Fourth Amendment, its protection is often overlooked by law enforcement officers which results in evidence not being able to be used in court. Many cases in the criminal justice system are dismissed due to illegally seized DNA evidence. For this assignment, research a case where […]

Terrorism Financing

The most popular means for terrorist groups to raise and transmit funds in the United States are charitable and nongovernmental organizations. Some charities have been abused by terrorists, who have redirected money meant for humanitarian purposes to terrorism. For example, Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization, used the Holy Land Foundation, a US charity organization, to […]