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Museum and Gallery studies

requirement: The theme I chose is Piet Mondrian’s painting on display at TATE ST IVES (the link to this painting is below), aimed at KEY STAGE 2 students! Must see government requirements and meet (see attachment)! https://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-st-ives/display/modern-art-and-st-ives/paris-london-and-st-ives-1920-1940 My activities are: 1. Pre-visit: Read stories and books about galleries and artists and do some quiz like […]

case study

                Choose no more than four accounts. While paying attention to the account, you should also pay attention to its personal status, such as salary, physical condition, tax amount, and expected income changes. Scotland and England have different tax rates. Annualized interest,   Customer service section The bank’s […]

Individual Reflections

Weighting/Value: 35% (i.e. 10% per Major Theme: Management, Managing & Being Managed, 5% for formatting/subheading requirements) Details of Task:  Students are required to undertake an individual reflection at the conclusion of each week (i.e. relevance of topic content to current/future job or career with justification for the position taken). These reflections must be then combined […]

Introducing Law and Justice

  Worth: 15% of your final mark for JURD7152 Introducing Law and Justice Word Limit: 1000 words (there is a small leeway included for this assignment. See below for information about penalties for exceeding the word limit – the penalties differ from the default Law School word limit policy).   Option for group work: you […]

Group presentation to class

Having completed the Co-authored report (Task 1), your group is required to develop a PowerPoint presentation (including an oral presentation) which provides an overview of your findings in Task 1. The oral presentation will be conducted using Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate software – details about the use of the software will be provided.   […]

Group Project: Co-authored research report

This project relates to the importance of information systems in business operations. Each group will select two NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange) publicly traded, competing companies to research each company’s usage of information systems.   For each company research and discuss their history of existence, the information systems utilised by each company, and the […]

ECMT2130: assignment

Instructions This assignment accounts for 15% of your final result for the course. It will be marked out of a maximum total of 45 points. This is an individual assignment. You are not allowed to copy a classmate’s assignment (or to borrow the bulk of the material from a classmate’s assignment). You are required to […]

Wind Energy Consulting Project

WIND POWER GENERATION AT PORT KEMBLA   Illawarra Mercury, Wednesday August 10, 2011 There is a plan in the Illawarra to construct wind farm at Port Kembla Port, they hope capable of producing power enough for 5,000 homes per year. The idea is to erect seven 3MW turbines. Is this realistic target with the wind […]


Summary: In recent surveys, customers were found to be more dissatisfied with the services they receive than with the products they purchase. One common difficulty is the lack of clear and specific performance objectives or even the ability to accurately measure service standards and operating performance. Another is the high degree of unpredictability and variability […]

Seminar Questions: Money Markets

Question 1   Treasury Bill Returns and Prices Term to Maturity Annual Return Market Price (per £100) 1 Month 2.00%   3 Months 2.50% £99.38 6 Months 2.80%   12 months 3.00% £97.09   Assume that the 1-month bill matures in 28 days and the 6-month bill in 182 days. Calculate their prices and monetary […]