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Applied Managerial Marketing

Michelle, Elena, and the Mobile Manufacturing, Inc. (MM) board of directors know how important it is to understand the environment in which it is operating. They hired you—a highly-regarded marketing consultant—to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing plan. You are scheduled to meet with Michelle and Elena next week to discuss the environmental conditions […]

Individual Project

Based on your discussions with Michelle, you have developed a clear picture of the environmental issues that will affect the initial release of the new product. As you compile your notes, the phone rings. “Hello?” “Hi. This is Michelle. I want to touch base with you about your presentation to the board next week. Do […]


Mergers often require a significant restructuring of the workforce. There are many challenges to HR professionals as well as employees. If you have been a part of merger, share your HR-related experiences. What did HR do that worked, or failed? If you have not been a part of a merger, share what you believe should be […]


  Human service professionals are expected by the NOHS Ethical Standards to advocate for social justice. In this project, you will be researching contemporary social justice issues and choosing one as a focus on your project. After describing the issue and its impact on the affected population, you will create a plan of advocacy to […]

Power Point

Your assignment this week is to complete a visual executive summary by completing a Power Point. Your Power Point should be 10 pages and state your role (consultant), briefly discuss the problem, your research, and state your recommendation to the client. Remember to follow the Power Point Guidelines. A portion of the grade will be […]

Journal 7

  Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. This week, you will have a journal that asks you to discuss your thoughts in relation to the topic for the unit. Your reflection and writing will help with your understanding of the content covered. Your response to this journal should be […]

Effective Communication 3

We all live in cities and towns with crimes committed by juveniles, some more than others. As a resident of your town or city, consider what crimes by juveniles have occurred and what your local police department has done about it. With this in mind, communication-wise, if you were the Chief of Police in your […]

Social Theory

1) Critical Thinking Exercise-Social Learning Theory Real-World Material Consider the basic assumption in Sutherland’s nine propositions that everything is learned, ranging from behaviors to internal motives and values. Provide an argument for the following statement: All behaviors are representative of one’s values. Provide a real-world example that supports your argument (either a true-crime case or the […]