Autobiography Paper

An important focus of this course is to understand the intersection of culture, society and schools, classrooms, and individuals.  This assignment provides an opportunity for you to reflect on yourself as a culture bearer and on the influence of education in your life.  We each have a narrative that defines us to date.  That narrative has many aspects and is your story.  In your writing, address the following as your story to date:

  • How long has your family been in the United States? When (approximately did they arrive? From where did they come? Did they come voluntarily?
  • What is considered your family’s “home base” in this country? How did the family happen to settle there? What other places did your family live before settling in that location?
  • What is the economic history of your family? In what kinds of work have members of your family engaged?
  • What is the educational history of your family? When did family members first begin to avail themselves of formal schooling
  • How do you identify with regards to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, and/or ability? How do you benefit and struggle because of these identities?
  • What is your goal as a teacher (or parent, taxpayer, etc.) and does this connect in anyway to your culture and background