BEAM058J Comparative Taxation Summative Assessment 2 – Individual Report (90%)


 BEAM058J Comparative Taxation


Summative Assessment 2 – Individual Report (90%)


In this assessment you are required to write a report to the Minister of Finance giving him the information requested in respect of the future taxation system of Paradisio, a fictitious country.  Details of the scenario are provided on page 4.


The report has a maximum word count of 4,000 words in length and is due for submission by 26 April 2021.


Guidance and resources:

This assignment provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate independent research techniques by searching for, identifying, and then appropriately using relevant literature.  There is an expectation that students’ research will draw on academic literature, as well as literature from other reliable sources.


The Business School provides very helpful guidance on various academic skills (e.g. writing, referencing, using the library for research, etc.) and this can be accessed here:

  1. UEBS Academic Development Resources

(  E.g. report writing (see under ‘Writing guides’)


Important information:

Your report will need to be word-processed to the following specification:

  • Font:            Arial, 12 points
  • Line Spacing:          5 lines
  • Margin:            Normal (2.54cm on all sides)
  • Title page: Module name & title, assignment title (e.g. Report to the Minister of Finance…), candidate number, word count (excluding reference list/bibliography, appendices, exhibits, diagrams, etc.).  Note:  Do not put your name on the report as it is to be marked anonymously.


Please ensure that your report is properly referenced and plagiarism should be avoided at all cost. It is your duty to ensure that the similarity rate reported by Turnitin is at an acceptable level. Please refer to “Business School Guide to Citing, Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism (APA 7th)” (See guidance link 1. UEBS Academic Development Resources above and under ‘Referencing’) for guidance on proper referencing.



The submission arrangements will be communicated to you by the Education Support Team at a later date. It will be an electronic submission (specifics to follow) and only pdf files will be accepted. Failure to submit the report by the deadline will result in penalties being set against your mark.


Assessment criteria:

Your submissions will be marked and graded in accordance with a set of assessment criteria.  These are shown in the table on page 3:


Assessment criteria:


Criteria <40% 40 – 49% 50-59% 60-69% 70% and above
Identifies and discusses a relevant a topical issue Irrelevant issue  and discussion inadequate Reasonably relevant issue identified and discussed adequately Good

relevant issue identified and discussed adequately

Very relevant issue identified & discussed well Extremely relevant issues identified and discussed very well
Evidence of research


No evidence of any research Some

evidence of research, mainly from textbook

Reasonable evidence of research, mainly text + websites Good

evidence of research beyond text and web

Excellent research including some academic


Depth of analysis  No attempt at analysis of relevant issues. Minimal attempt to analyse relevant issues Some

attempt to analyse relevant issues

A good attempt to analyse relevant issues Sound

analysis of relevant issues

Draws appropriate conclusions  No attempt to draw conclusions Minimal attempt to draw conclusions Some

attempt to draw conclusions

A good attempt to draw conclusions Sound conclusions & reference to supporting evidence
Presents ideas effectively


Poorly presented Barely adequate


Reasonable presentation of ideas Good

presentation of ideas


Excellent in all respects








Paradisio is a country within the Heavenly Federation, which comprises 4 countries and is situated in Western Europe but is not part of the European Union. The citizens of Paradisio have for many years wanted to leave the Heavenly Federation and become independent, and following a referendum in 2019 will become an independent nation on 1 July 2021.


Paradisio will need to introduce its own system of taxation in 2021. The current Minister of Finance has commissioned you to produce a report advising them on the following issues:


  • What factors should be considered when deciding what taxes to introduce?
  • What possible types of taxes could be introduced in Paradisio and why?
  • Are there any other taxation issues that the Minister of Finance should be aware of?


Background information:

Paradisio has a population of 3 million people. It has a land border with one of the other Heavenly Federation countries and is bordered on the other sides by sea. Paradisio has a land area of approximately 10,000 square miles (25,900 square km), over 2,000 miles of coastline with a mountainous central area. It has well developed transport links and two major urban centres, one in the south and one in the north of the country. Since the early 1800s, the dominant industry in Paradisio was coal mining. From the 1980s onwards, the coal industry has been in decline with jobs in heavy industry being replaced by light industrial and services work. Output per head of population is lower than the other countries in the Heavenly Federation and there are pockets of deprivation, mainly in the rural west of the country. There is a modest agricultural sector and a growing tourist industry in the rural areas, which the Minister of Finance is keen to develop further in the future.


Paradisio has a long and proud history and is bilingual, with English and Paradisian as the main languages. It is a largely Christian country and has a system of common law and already has its own police force and justice system. Education standards in Paradisio are high and the population has excellent language skills. It has three universities that are particularly strong in the fields of agriculture, mining engineering and technology.


The Heavenly Federation has a socialist government that provides free medical care and primary education to its citizens. The Paradisian Minister of Finance expects to continue providing free medical care and primary education after independence.


Particular concerns of the people of Paradisio are:

  • Lack of opportunities for citizens living in rural areas;
  • The decline of heavy industry; and
  • An ageing population