Your attendance in class discussions will be super helpful when writing this paper. This is a personal essay paper of 1500 words. The Leadership Style paper is to be written in free-flowing essay writing. Please don’t write question, answer, question, answer. Instead, answer all the questions in a free-flowing text. Areas to be addressed are below, you may expand beyond these bullets, but I at least want these bullets addressed.

You must complete your Meyers Briggs Exam to discuss the findings in this paper and for you to start understanding your behavioral style. You should start your research by using the Leadership chapter of the textbook.

The paper must be written in APA format with at least 5 references or it will not be graded. Please review APA format here: Link (Links to an external site.)



· What is your leadership style? Do you concur with your style? Why or why not? Explain (1/2 – 1 pg.)

· I like to lead by example, by taking action, demonstrating what needs to be done, and keeping my team organized to make sure everyone is on the same page. Do I concur with my style? Depends on the situation because other people can have better ideas than I do so communication is also one of greatest strengths.


· Did you determine how you impact people? Was this new information new to you? Is the way you impact people how you believe you do as well, or is their perception different from what you project? (1/2 – 1 pg.)

· Everyone has a different personality, I always put my ego aside when I disagree with someone else. I try to communicate with them and understand their situation because not communicating with them, I will never understand who they are.


· Does someone else close to you professionally or academically concur with your style? What is your reaction to that? (1/2 – 1 pg.)

· Do you know how other people impact you? Were you able to put your ego aside and understand that some individuals by whom you may have been bothered, irritated, annoyed, aggravated, etc.; that it may be their behavioral style(s) that is what grates on you because they are so different from you own? (1/2 – 1 pg.)

· What style do you think your current or last boss has? Explain why you think this style works well for him/her, and where his/her challenges are because they may be lacking strength in other areas. (1/2 – 1 pg.)

· The leadership style of my last boss is that he led his team by example, it worked for him because the team was very organized but he was being over critical to most of the people in the team which led to being burned and lack of motivation to work under him.


· What do you think your greatest challenges are in regard to Behavioral Styles as it relates to your future as a supervisor/manager/leader? (2 pgs)

· How do you think this Behavioral Styles knowledge and understanding will change or enhance your ability to supervise? (1/2 – 1 pg.)