Benchmark – Grant Proposal Budget, Budget Narrative And Final Executive Summary

  • You pitch the program well- but what is the program? What do you plan to do for the kids and with the kids? Is it after school, mentoring, sports programs, etc.? Where is the research that this type of program will help? You need to resubmit the summary next week and keep it under 500 words and describe the program more than tell me about a mentoring program. You also never address at-risk youth as at-risk for violence. Youth violence needs to be stopped, add research about the program’s effectiveness.01:53
  • She you completed this assignment for me. Their amount apart we have to redo the summary for week 7. Good- but also a goal of getting the grant is to provide an opportunity for strategic transformation in a police department and you did not include that in your summary. The logic model worksheet helps you understand what the DOJ will want to see in the summary. The summary needs to be short and to the point. What will you do with the money? If you create a program, have research to show it has worked in other places and will do what the grant money is there for. If you get the money, what can you accomplish? Next week the paper will be about budgeting the grant money. You will re-submit the executive summary based on my comments and it will be part of the grade for next week. You did not explain how the grant will improve organizational outcomes that align with organizational needs so add this in your summary for next week as well as some research that your program will work. Thanks!