Berrett-Koehler Discussion Questions

Is BK doing everything it can to preserve its mission and the ‘BK Way’?  Is BK doing everything it can to ensure its long-term success?

Does the ‘BK Way’ help or hinder the success of BK?  Explain.

What are Steve’s motivations for trying to preserve BK’s mission and the ‘BK Way’?  Should BK’s mission and culture be preserved? Why?

What are the reasons why it might be difficult to preserve the social mission of a business?

What is the justification for creating Benefit Corporations?  Should BK pursue this legal option?

Does it make sense for BK to have a constitution?

How might the various stakeholders feel about the future of BK?  What might be their biggest concern and why?

BK’s board of directors is trying to decide on the actions to take in preserving BK’s mission and the ‘BK Way’?   What actions would you recommend?  What would you do first?