Billing And Coding Exercise

Case Study Part 2: Billing and Coding Exercise

Maria P was born Jan 1, 1952 (65 years old), non-smoker Hispanic female coming to see you for the management of T2DM. Her blood glucose levels are uncontrolled and she complains of increasing numbness in her feet, frequent urination during the day and overnight.

Medical history: T2DM, hypertension, hyperlipidemia

Height/Weight: 5ft 4 in 150 lbs

Labs: FBG: 178 mg/dl, A1C=8% LDL 116 mg/dl, HDL 54 mg/dl, TG: 545 mg/dl

BP: 150/90

Meds: Metformin, lisinopril

1. Is she eligible for MNT through Medicare?

2. Is she eligible for Intense Behavioral Therapy?

3. Using this information complete an MNT example form

You obtain appropriate labs for Maria and provide nutritional counseling for Maria from 2:05PM to 3:05PM.

5. How do you bill Medicare for this service? What CPT code do you use? How many units do you bill?