Board Of Directors



Board of Directors
This is the governing body that works with the firm’s top management team. A governing board could range in size from 5 to 20+ individuals. The larger the board, the harder to manage. The board that you may need at the beginning of the enterprise, may not be the same that you need when up and running.


Think about the type of skills and knowledge that you need in the initial board, and how many people you would like to have. For this plan, you don’t need to identify names of people on the board. It will be sufficient if you provide how many board members you intend to have, and the type of skills needed (with which skill requirements). For example you may realize that you need someone with technical expertise in the SE product service that you are intending to offer, someone with legal expertise, someone who knows how to raise funds, someone who knows well your target population, etc.


Some organizations also make considerations for diversity on the board, gender expression and identity, ethnic background, generational groups, etc.