Boundaries Of A Case Paper

Wk 2 – Boundaries of a Case Paper [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Design and describe a new and original case to be used for this assignment. When determining a case, consider defining one that can be used for additional assignments in this course.

    Review the definition of “case” as it relates to case studies.

    • Do not use your dissertation study as a case in this course.
    • Do not use a case study published in the literature.
    • Do not use a case study someone else has done.
    • Some examples for you to design your own case study:
      · A well-documented event in history
      · A famous or infamous person
      · An upcoming or recent event in the community
      · A particular process that occurs among a group of people

      Write a 350- to 700-word paper that defines the boundaries of your case.

      Include the following criteria (Merriam, pp. 37-40) using HEADINGS in your paper for every separate section:

      · Describe the parameters of your inquiry, the setting for the case, and any subsets of the case.
      · The purpose for the inquiry.
      · Describe what is not included in your case as well.

      Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Use APA headings. Add subheadings if necessary.

      Submit your assignment