Instructions:  Using the discussion and decisions your group has made during the Module 5 discussion board, write and submit a draft of the following portions of your final paper.  I suggest that you spread out the work among your team members or rotate the responsibility for each week.

A weekly drafts example is attached.  Module 4 DB/Module 5 Draft sample paragraphs are highlighted in yellow; Module 5 DB/Module 6 Draft sample paragraphs are highlighted in green; and Module 6 DB sample paragraphs are highlighted in blue (you will not submit a draft for the Module 6 DB work).  Of course, the synopsis portion will be specific to your article, and the appraisal portion should include application of all concepts relevant to your article.

Synopsis:   Write a study synopsis that includes these main points.

· how the study was conducted

· describe the intervention and procedures for carrying it out

· include measurement instruments and what they measured

· procedures for collecting the data

Appraisal:  Appraise the article in narrative format by answering the following questions.

· Was treatment fidelity accomplished?  Why or why not?

· Were the measurement instruments reliable and valid? Why or why not?

· Were the conclusions of the study supported by the results?  Why or why not?

· Include key statistical results and p-values, if provided, as part of your rationale.