project summary report

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you provide a full project summary.

Include the following, modified based on instructor feedback, in your paper:

  • Project Proposal
  • Project Requirements, Risk, and Cost
  • Project WBS and Gantt Chart
  • Method of measuring and reporting project progress and performance
  • Riskassesmentmatrix.xlsx

    Cover Sheet

    Project Requirements/Risk/Cost Paper
    Project Management

    Requirements Matrix

    Id Requirement Project Phase Responsible Party Cost to Complete Duration to Complete
    1 Define Project Scope Initiation Project Manager $250 3 days
    2 Establish Project Stakeholder Team Initiation Project Manager $0 15 days
    3 Obtain Budget from Finance Planning Project Manager $250 5 days
    4 Secure Project Team Resources Planning Team leader $25,000 10 days
    5 Create Task Plan & Timeline Planning Project Manager $250 3 days
    6 Conduct Kick Off Meeting with Project Team Planning Project Manager $3,500 1 day
    7 Secure Test Environment to Test Upgrade Process Execution Project Manager $10,000 2 days
    8 Complete Upgrade Testing Execution Project Manager $15,000 15 days
    9 Develop Communication Plan to the Users Execution Project Manager $250 5 days
    10 Notify Users of Windows 10 Upgrade Execution Project Manager $250 3 days
    11 Execute Windows 10 Upgrade Execution Project Manager $35,000 21 days
    12 Provide Post Upgrade Support Execution Project Manager $5,000 3 days
    13 Close Project Closure Project Manager $1,500 2 days
    Total Requirements Cost $96,250

    Cost Summary

    Id Budget Line Item Planned Budget Actual Spend (To Date) Remaining Budget
    1 Software update $24,063 $24,063 $0
    2 Vendor Fees $24,063 $12,131 $11,932
    3 New Hardware (Out of date computers) $11,550 $11,550 $0
    4 Storage upgrade $11,550 $2,300 $9,250
    5 Backup solutions $5,775 $3,200 $2,575
    6 Program Testing $5,775 $0 $5,775
    7 IT Support $4,813 $0 $4,813
    8 Proper Team Training $4,813 $0 $4,813
    9 Apps downloads $1,925 $0 $1,925
    10 Optional Mobile Technology $1,925 $0 $1,925
    Total Cost $96,250 $53,243 $43,007

    Risk Matrix Proposal

    Id Risk Description Risk Owner Probability Of Risk (High, Medium, Low,Very Low) Level of Impact (High, Medium, Low,Very Low) Mitigation Strategy
    1 Additional Requirements Required to start Project Sponsor Very Low Very Low Re Evaluate collect additional requirements submit
    2 Project approval taking longer than anticipated Project Sponsor Very Low Low Prepare as much positive information as possible to present to board to encourage their approval
    3 New system not compatable with company logos Technical Lead Low Medium Change image format to a compatable image (ex. pdf, jpg, etc.)
    4 Unknown hiccups Project Manager Low Medium Handle all additional challanges one thing at a time.
    5 Overly optomistic schedule Project Sponsor Medium Medium Re-evalute schedule, try to change what you can to reach deadline.
    6 Computers need additional maintanance Computer Hardware Lead High Medium Have extra IT on stand by to assist with any other issues
    7 Going over budget Project Sponsor Medium High Cut additional costs as you can, prepare a “emergancy” fund
    8 Project will be delayed; delaying work Project Sponsor High High Have staff share tasks & computers as needed.
    9 Computers do not meet standards to upgrade properly Technical Lead Medium High Confirm all required replacements as early on and spread out the spending over time
    10 Certain software/applications being incompatible Technical Lead High Low Upgrade or replace applications that are not compatable
    11 Not having available computers that meet specs Computer Hardware Lead Medium Low Find additional manufacturers who can build/encrypt more computers