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Administrative Policy, GMGT 4010

Fall 2020

Take-home Individual Mid-term Examination

Professor _______________ Section ___ Class day and time_______



This assignment is intended to exercise and evaluate your capabilities in Administrative Policy.

This take-home exam is to be completed on an individual basis and no consultation about this

case with anyone else, either within or outside the Administrative Policy course is permitted.

Any violations of this policy will be considered a breach of academic integrity by all the students

involved, and will be referred to the Dean’s office for disposition according to Faculty policy.

To reinforce the importance of this stipulation for the academic integrity of this examination,

your report must include the following signed statement, attached as a separate page to the front

of your paper.

I, __________________________________(please print your name), certify that I have

completed this take-home mid-term examination written analysis strictly on my own,

without consultation with any other individual, either within or outside the Administrative

Policy course.

Further, I certify that I have not provided any advice or assistance with regard to this take-

home mid-term examination to any other student currently enrolled in Administrative

Policy at the University of Manitoba, Fall 2020.

Finally, I certify that I have not used any information after the time of the case and that the

paper meets length and other format specifications given in these mid-term case


Its word count (including executive summary) is: _____________

(Not to exceed 2800 words)

Its page count (including executive summary) is: _____________.

(Not to exceed 9 pages)


Signature and Name

Examinations will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by this signed

statement. However, this statement should be uploaded as a separate file so

that the grading can proceed on an anonymous basis.

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Date and time received by the instructor/office


(Leave blank)


GMGT 4010

Student Number_________

(Please do not write student name)

Word Count (including Executive Summary)______

(Not to exceed 2800 words)

Page Count (including Executive Summary)______

(Not to exceed 9 pages)





FALL 2020

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GMGT 4010 – Administrative Policy

Take-home Midterm Case Instructions


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2020. You should plan to upload the paper by 2:30 p.m. to

avoid any chances of being late. Any papers that arrive late (after the beginning of the class) will

receive a late penalty as described in these instructions and the course outline. The late policy

will be strictly enforced to avoid disruptions to the class.

The Assignment

General Mills CEO Jeff Harmening and his team, aware of your skills in strategic

analysis, have asked you to help them assess the situation and to recommend a strategy for the

company for the next five years. Please prepare a report for them giving your appraisal of the

situation and your recommendations, considering strategy formulation as well as implementation

issues, and using the format given in the “General Guidelines for Analyzing and Writing

Cases” provided at the UM Learn website of the course. Please do not limit yourself to the

alternatives, if any, given in the case so you may build other strategic alternatives and consider

them before making a recommendation. The case is available for purchase at the Harvard

Business Publication Education (Harvard Cases). Its title is “General Mills: Driving Food

Systems Change through Regenerative Agriculture” and its number is B5949. Its date is

November 1, 2019. The case is from the Haas School of Business, University of California,

Berkeley, CA, USA. Be sure to buy the case using the number given above because there

may be other cases on General Mills. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Midterm Examination Case Specifications

The paper must be between 2,000–2,800 words and printed on a maximum of nine (9)

pages in double-space with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch (2.54 centimeters)

margins on all sides (maximum 23 lines per page). You must use paragraphs and headings in

keeping with appropriate business writing form. Use a tab at the beginning of the paragraph to

clearly distinguish it from previous paragraphs. Do not use any footnotes. You may use either

left justification or both left and right justification.

The word-count limit and the nine-page limit do not include the Title Page or any

exhibits. However, they do include the executive summary. Therefore, ignore the Title Page and

begin page number one with the Executive Summary. Please do not use fancy fonts. Avoid

extended use of bold or italics also. Papers that grossly violate these guidelines will receive a

failing grade (e.g., using a font smaller than the one specified here or using single space text in

the body of the paper will receive a failing grade). Points may be deducted for other violations

(e.g., at least ten per cent points will be deducted for each additional page or part thereof {Hint:

“part thereof” here means at least ten per cent points will be deducted for any part of the tenth or

any subsequent page}). Please be sure that the text of the paper as well as the exhibits are

readable. In the past, some students included pictures of the exhibits that were difficult to read.

Clarification: Stop when you reach 2,800 words or nine pages in the given format. In

other words, the paper must meet both conditions: Not more than 2,800 words and not more than

nine pages in the given format. Include the Word Count and the Page Count on the statement

of integrity and the title page (as shown above).

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Submitting the Case – Uploading at UM Learn

Papers must be submitted in a pdf format by the deadline at UM Learn in the Midterm

Exam folder of the course. The pdf copy must have all pages of the text as well as the

exhibits. The papers should have a Title Page as given in these instructions. Papers with any

student’s name or without the word count will not be accepted (No student names anywhere on

the exam!). Each page of the report should contain a header or footer with the student number,

section number, and page number. Please do not use bindings, report covers, folders or manila

envelopes. Make sure you put the signed Statement of Integrity (SOI) in a different file and

name it so it is easily identifiable.

Students are also required to submit exact electronic copies of the paper in the

Word format at UM Learn. Please do not email the electronic copies to your instructor. When

you submit a file at UM Learn, you will get a receipt. Also, AACSB Assurance of Learning

Committee will need to access them at UM Learn for their use. Please submit one document in

the Microsoft Word format. If any of your exhibits are not included in the Microsoft Word file

(e.g., financial ratios and NPV analysis, etc.), you may submit a second file in the Excel format.

Please name the files as follows: GMGT4010-Midterm-Section Number-Student Number. Please

do not submit more than these four documents (a pdf file, a Word file, an Excel file, and

the Statement of Integrity (SOI) file). As you know, the pdf document ensures that the

formatting stays the same, irrespective of the computer settings.

Late papers on week days and weekends will be penalized as follows: Ten per cent

points will be deducted for each 24-hour period or part thereof that the paper is late (To clarify:

“part thereof” here means ten per cent will be deducted for papers that are late by a few minutes,

half an hour, or one hour, etc. up to 24 hours). Ten per cent deduction means that if you receive

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75 per cent marks in the exam, violation of one page (or part thereof) or submitting the exam late

by one day (or part thereof) will reduce it to 65 per cent. Exceptional circumstances that might

affect a student’s ability to meet this deadline must be brought to the instructor’s attention prior to

the deadline.

Saving Copies of the Paper

Neither the department nor the university accepts any responsibility for potential loss of

papers during handling. Such a loss may be extremely rare; nevertheless, to protect against this

theoretical possibility, all students are required to keep a hard and an electronic copy of the paper

that they submit. Don’t forget to save multiple soft copies to avoid any chance of losing your

disk, computer crash, or other such problems!

External Research

You are required to access General Mills’ financial information (Income Statement,

Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows) from the Internet for at least three years (2017-2019). As you

may know, this information is easily available at several websites, e.g., Yahoo Finance.

You are not required to conduct any other external research on the company and its

industries. You may search for other information the company and its industries up to the date

of the case, which is December 31, 2019, if you would like to. However, search for or use of

any information or data regarding this company and its industries after this time will be subject

to hind-sight bias and will be considered a violation of university policy on Academic Integrity.

Be sure to provide references on a separate page for any search before the date given above and

attach this page at the end of the paper. This page may contain only references and can be in

addition to the text-pages and exhibits. Please keep in mind you are not allowed to consult any

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case solutions or teaching notes for the midterm case or any other case that may be related to the

midterm case in any way.

  • The Assignment
  • Midterm Examination Case Specifications