Please discuss each of these concepts completely demonstrating that you have read the class material. Your answer should not be one large paragraph. Instead organize your material into smaller readable paragraphs.  Remember you are demonstrating that you have read the class material and can apply it.

1) Describe the role of nonverbal behavior in the communication.

2)  Discuss how attractiveness and unattractiveness affect communication, behavior, and perception.

3) How do people use clothing to communicate information about them?

4) Describe how the different body types affect communication.

5) Describe the different kinds of kinesic movements and what they communicate.

6) Describe when someone gazes more and when they gaze less.

7) Describe the different kinds of facial expressions.

8) What causes pupils to dilate and constrict?

9) Why is touch important?

10) Describe some touch norms.

11) How is communication affected by touch?

12) Describe how image can be affected by your vocalics.  Give many examples.