Assessment Task Information

Assessment title: Summative essay
Module Name: Management
Module Code: FC714
Tutor’s Name: Sebastian Ludwicki-Ziegler (Module Coordinator)
Assessment will be set in:
Assessment is due in: 9th May 2021
Assessment weighting: 25%

Assessment Task Instructions:

Core Task:

You are required to write an essay on the following topic: 

Critically discuss the relevance of process barriers to communication in multinational companies. Choose one real life organisational example and demonstrate how the organisation deals with this kind of communication barrier.

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

You must conduct secondary research for this assessed task and find relevant sources independently. You need to provide at least two of each source: academic books (including textbooks), reputable news sources, academic journals. You can replace books and news sources with additional sources from academic journals.

It is recommended that you start your reading with the sources provided by the module coordinator (separately uploaded on VLE) and your seminar reading on communication. However, you are not allowed to reference more than two of those sources who are already provided.

Assessment reference style: Your referencing and your referencing list must comply with APA referencing conventions (see “Referencing Guide” document).
Expected word count:

You are expected to write 1500 words (+/-20%).

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

The following learning outcomes are assessed in this task:

1. Define and explain key theories, concepts and characteristics of the contemporary business environment

2. Identify and analyse a variety of business practices and the challenges with which organisations operating in the contemporary business environment are presented

Submission Requirements:

Academic Integrity & Misconduct Information:

Please use this link to access more information on academic integrity and misconduct:

Submission Guidelines:

Submit an electronic copy of your assignment through Turnitin on the FC714 -A VLE page by 9th May 2021 at 23:59.

If you have any technical difficulties please email your assignment to with a screen shot of the error message you received. Please include your full name, student number, module code, group number and class teacher’s full name in the email.

Alternative submissions will not be accepted after the deadline has passed. Prior to the deadline you may submit to Turnitin as many times as you wish.

Late Submission: Late submissions should be submitted to the late submission Turnitin assignment on the FC714 -A VLE page.

Penalties for Work Submitted late:

Number of Working Days Late Penalty Awarded
1 85% of original mark
2 80% of original mark
3 75% of original mark
More than 3 Zero mark awarded

You must follow the following formatting guidelines:

· font size for text body 12 pts and regular formatting (headings & subheading can vary)

· one of the following font types are allowed: Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial

· referencing according to GIC referencing guide

· font colour: black

· background colour: white

· margin of at least 3 cm to the left, the right and to the top and bottom of your page

· spacing between paragraphs: 6 pts

· line spacing: 1.5

· text alignment left or justified

Assessment Mark:

The assessment will be marked using six marking criteria:

· Focus – Focus on key features of the communication process and barriers to communication, an appropriate case study is chosen. (10%)

· Knowledge and understanding – Understanding of the communication process and the impact of communication barriers in the organisational context is demonstrated and appropriately exemplified (in general and in the case study). (50%)

· Argument and critical analysis – Viewpoints are supported with appropriate examples and evidence. Concepts are applied and the actions of the organisation to deal with communication barriers critically evaluated. (25%)

· Sources and referencing – The sources used are up to date and appropriately academic; referencing follows the GIC referencing guidelines. The number of sources used reflects a genuine research process. (10%)

· Presentation, structure and writing style – How clearly and appropriately you use language to express your ideas, how effectively you use subject-specific vocabulary and how clearly you organise the ideas in your essay. (5%)

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