Business DB Week 2

 The economist Milton Friedman once said that a company’s only responsibility is to make a profit for its shareholders. For many years, these words served as a guiding principle for countless businesses. But today, a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) has shifted business leaders toward addressing the needs of all stakeholders not just stockholders. CEOs from major U.S. companies have developed a new definition of corporate purpose that emphasizes investing in employees, supporting communities, dealing ethically with suppliers, and offering fair prices. Many firms depend on “conscious marketing” in order to make consumers aware of these values. Click on the title above to go directly to the discussion forum.
Review the Conscious Marketing at Gluten Free Bars Case in your textbook and/or video at the following link (opens in a new window).  Respond to the following questions in the discussion forum:

  1. What key concepts does conscious marketing revolve around?
  2. How does “conscious marketing” benefit companies like Gluten Free Bars? According to Elliot and Marshall Rader what is a socially conscious culture?
  3. Would you be more inclined to purchase products from a company certified as a B Corp? Why or why not?