Business Environment, Ethics And Strategy

BUSI601 – Business Environment, Ethics and Strategy Individual Assignment 2- Country Comparison

Select a business or create a fic??ous business and pretend that this company wants to expand its ac?vity into a new interna?onal market. The company want first to compare two poten?al markets in order to select the one with the business environment that will be the most favourable one for the company.

You have to describe, compare and analyze the two business environments to recommend which one would be more suitable for the company’s objec?ves. Please refer to the course concepts to determine which elements you will compare.

Word Count : 2000-2500

Minimum of 10 reliable references (Governments and Interna?onal Organiza?ons, Market Research Reports, Media, and Academic sources)

APA format.

Structure of the paper: -Title page (company, product, home country and, 2 poten?al markets) -Execu?ve summary (Abstract) -Introduc?on -Body of the text (Clear structure following what has been introduced) -Conclusion -References


• A well-organized, logical report that reflects both descrip?ve and analy?cal abili?es. Ensure that you do not merely describe, but also analyze. Consider op?ons and alterna?ves, make a selec?on or recommenda?on, and explain your ra?onale for the selec?on. The process of arriving at a recommenda?on or conclusion can be more important, in some cases, than the recommenda?on itself.

• Metrics and financials are important elements of any serious report or analysis. Descrip?ons are important, and qualita?ve analysis is valuable when properly done. Numbers and objec?ve measures are cri?cal to suppor?ng your analysis and valida?ng your conclusions or recommenda?ons. Choose your sources carefully, and ensure that your reports are well-supported with data, metrics and financials. Also, be sure to quote the source of all informa?on and references provided.

• Each project provides significant opportunity to earn points for the “Overall Format” of the report. With minimal effort and a li`le crea?vity, you can make your paper visually interes?ng. Use suppor?ng graphics effec?vely; organize sec?ons and ?tles to assist with flow and readability, and be sure to run spellcheck. Pay a`en?on to the quality and organiza?on of your report.