Business Ethics Case Analysis

Case Analysis Instructions

BAD 2853 Business Ethics

Case Study Analysis

Coffee War: Starbucks vs. Charbucks

Deadline: October 31st

To complete this assignment, you will need the PDF titled,   Download Coffee War: Starbucks vs. Charbucks.” This PDF is a case study which discusses the lawsuit filed by Starbucks against Charbucks. The case study includes 6 discussion questions.

This assignment includes two parts.

Part 1 

1.  Read the PDF titled, “Coffee War: Starbucks vs. Charbucks.”

2.  Answer the 6 case study discussion questions.

How to submit Part1:

Create a Microsoft WORD document as save it as: your name, BAD 2853 Fall 2021 Case Study. At the top of your document have the same information. After your information at the top of the document, make a heading labeled Discussion Questions and label each question answer.

Your Name

BAD 2853

Fall 2021

Case Study

Discussion Questions

1.  Your answer (15 points)

2.  Your answer (15 points)

3.  Your answer (15 points)

4.  Your answer (10 points)

5.  Your answer (15 points)

6.  Your answer (10 points)

This document will be submitted to the Case Analysis assignment, located below, by the deadline, October 31. You will have one opportunity to submit the assignment so please make sure you have the correct file before uploading the document.

PART 2 Due Date October 31

1.  Please post your answer to question number 4 to the Coffee War Discussion Board (10 points).

2.  You must reply to one discussion board post authored by another student. Please state whether you agree or disagree with the post and include your reasons (10 points).

Remember to use proper spelling (no abbreviations or texting language), grammar, punctuation, etc., and act in a professional, courteous manner when posting to the discussion board.