Business Ethics – Opioids Crisis

CAN ONLY USE ATTACHED COURSE RESOURCES FOR THIS DISCUSSION. APA in-text citations and APA bibliography. This discussion should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. Word totals for this post should be in the 200–350-word range.

Discussion #1

The Opioids Crisis: Who’s to Blame?

Opioids are legal substances prescribed by doctors for patients who require powerful drugs to minimize pain. However, opioids are known for being easily addictive with some patients becoming hooked. In turn, the addiction ruins their quality of life and

sometimes entire communities. This drug war is at the forefront of the federal government’s fight against illicit use.

Present an ethical argument to your state/country’s medical board regarding opioids use and a medical doctor’s duty to uphold their Hippocratic Oath. Remember, this discussion must be supported by the articles listed in Theme 1 and 2.