Business Ethics Presentation

This is an individual task.

· You should develop a presentation about ethics towards the environment.

· Visit the website of Method to become familiar with the company.

o Explain the framework of business ethics towards the environment and the main principles governing ethics towards the environment.

o Explain how good ethics towards the environment can help companies perform better.

o Is Method ethical towards the environment? Explain your answer.

o How might their approach towards the environment affected the performance of Method? Explain your answer.

· Contextual information:

o When discussing ethics towards the environment make sure to make reference to the concepts and theories discussed in class in this topic.

o Additional research is necessary.

· Expected table of contents:

o Introduction

o Ethical frameworks

o Ethical marketing and performance

o Evaluation (was the company ethical?)

o Impact of the case on performance

o References


· Time extension: 8-10 min (Make sure to rehearse the presentation so that it fits in the time limit).

· The use of graphs, tables and other tools to illustrate your answers is encouraged.