Business Intelligence Proposal

Western Pharma, a pharmaceutical company based in the U.S., is looking for a business intelligence solution to meet its management information needs. You have researched various software available in the market and believe that Power BI is the solution that would best fit management requirements.


Using the sales information downloaded from the company’s ERP system to demonstrate how Power BI can serve the company’s needs, write a proposal to recommend the implementation of business intelligence for management reporting.


Below are suggestions on how to improve your individual assignment:

  • Refer to the attached guide on how to write a business proposal
  • Prepare three dashboards using Power BI for the following target users:
    • Top team (comprising the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Operations Director)
    • General Managers (of each country to improve the business performance of all vaccines sold in their countries)
    • Brand Managers (of each vaccine to drive the business performance of the vaccines under their responsibilities)
  • For each of the dashboard
    • Screen shot of the dashboards
    • Who are the target users?
    • Show example of insights that could be gained by users from the dashboard (descriptive analytics)
    • Provide recommendations (diagnostic analytics)
    • Show originality in the design of Power BI to effectively visualise the requirements

Refer to the below link for tips on how to improve your BI visualisations

Deliverables and deadline:


  • Word document with 1,500 – 2,000 words and similarity check of not more than 15%.