Business Paper

Group Paper I Compare/Contrast.

Purpose. A written paper is an important opportunity for students to demonstrate an understanding of theory, concepts, and practices. More importantly, it allows students to further develop written communication skills. Therefore, success in this course depends on the preparedness and active engagement of every student.

Task. Choose one successful, contemporary international business or e-business to analyze. This business must not be founded in the USA; yet, it may conduct international business with the USA. For instance, Honda is founded in Japan. When Honda conducts business in Japan, it is conducting domestic business. When Honda conducts business with the USA, then it is conducting international business. Again, do not select a business that is founded in the USA.

Gather information (research) about your chosen business and write a three-page report. First, choose one topic that plays a key role in the business’ domestic function, production, operation, or culture; simultaneously, the same topic plays a key role in the business’ international function and operation.

Second, choose another topic that plays a key role in the business’ domestic function, production, operation, or culture; simultaneously, the same topic plays a key role in the business’ international function, production, operation, or culture. Furthermore, the relationships between these topics may be of interest to analyze and explore in the paper.

Compare and contrast these two specific, trending topics each from a domestic and international perspective. Such topics may include—but are not limited to—licensing, sociocultural forces, exporting and importing, franchising, contract manufacturing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, foreign direct investment, economic forces, environmental forces, trade markets, legal and regulatory forces, offshore outsourcing, global trade, and trade theory. Suggested outline:

  • Page 1: The influence of Globalization on business
  • Page 2: The comparison of two topics between international and domestic businesses
  • Page 3: The contrasting of two topics between international and domestic businesses

Criteria. Each paper must be an original work that integrates analytical and critical thinking skills using content from the course, industry, and other sources (see Table 6). Constructing the paper involves techniques such as gathering information, typing, analyzing, critically-thinking, citing resources using APA style, and formatting. Each paper should adhere to the following requirements:

  • Development of the paper:
  1. Analyze a topic;
  2. Develop a systematic inventory of resources that explain the topic to explore (analyze);
  3. Formulate problem solutions, using resources, to support the analysis;
  4. Gather additional information and conduct further analyses surrounding the problem;
  5. Design the final solution;
  6. Synthesize, discuss, and evaluate the solution; then
  7. Write the paper.
  • Implement 10 point, Times New Roman font, 1.25 inches borders, 1.5 spacing, and no added space both before and after each paragraph;
  • Cite [in-text and at the end of the document] at least three sources following APA format (properly cite  (链接到外部网站。)to create the end-of-paper “references cited / bibliography / works cited” section;
  • Written elements, such as selection of descriptives/visual, choice of data tables, and figures shall not influence the total number of pages (fluency with excel to compliment other descriptive visuals in the project begins with Microsoft Excel training  (链接到外部网站。)and Excel Basics (链接到外部网站。));
  • Aim the content at an industry executive; for instance, the regional general manager of a national luxury lodging corporation, the food and beverage director for a global restaurant chain, the director of human resources for a cruise line brand, or the chief financial officer of regional event planning company; and
  • Each student shall check for flow, grammar, and goal achievement.