Business Plan

Executive Summary

Rx Direct Pharmacy is the future of pharmacy care. It is an online pharmacy created in 2021 by six eager and ambitious student pharmacists from Notre Dame of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Rx Direct Pharmacy is a healthcare company designed to provide all pharmacy needs directly to the patient in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of their own homes. Our mission is to provide affordable, and accessible quality health care safely and directly to our patients whenever, and wherever. Now more than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic unwaning, there is increased need for virtual health care services. Rx Direct Pharmacy aims to help minimize the unnecessary visits to the nearest local pharmacy for the average individual, lower transportation costs to pharmacies, and increase the ease with which prescription medications reach patients. As long as our patients have access to internet connection, they will be able to review their patient medication history, help keep track of their medication refills, and that all their immunizations are up to date.

We chose the Baltimore, Maryland area as our fulfillment center location because of Maryland’s patient demographic. Maryland’s population is predominantly adults ages 33-54, children ages 0-18, and elderly patients ages 65 and up respectively. This is a very diverse population that will need pharmacy services regularly, and with the current health-care issues Americans are facing, this population will benefit greatly from the pharmacy expertise that Rx Direct Pharmacy can provide. Rx Direct pharmacy offers many unique services to our patients such as a wide drug formulary with medications that cater to patients of all ages, but particularly elderly patients with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and other common chronic medical conditions in the population. Rx Direct Pharmacy will provide traditional prescription filling services, our patients will have access to licensed pharmacists that will assist patients on how to best use their medications, provide counseling, perform medication reviews, give vaccinations and perform blood pressure checks. Rx Direct Pharmacy will also establish a working relationship with our patients, other healthcare providers and recommend any possible medication changes directly to the patient’s primary provider. Rx Direct Pharmacy will offer a mobile app for patients to keep track of their prescription information, prescription delivery updates, medical information, to request virtual consultations with pharmacists, and to request for any other services that our on-call pharmacist can provide to the patient in the comfort of their home. And with our increasingly technological reality, families can utilize the mobile app to request prescription refills or other pharmacy services for their not so tech-savvy elders which will help minimize medication adherence issues that could otherwise arise if this population were to use the local neighborhood pharmacy.


The target population for our virtual pharmacy can be global potentially, but to start we would like to focus in various parts of Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is a city with a large amount of underprivileged communities. They rank 87th out of 100 major cities in terms of median household incomes. Approximately 2 out of every 10 residents live below the poverty line. Poverty or low-income status, residence in rural areas are factors associated with a variety of adverse health outcomes. Finding time and means to focus on healthcare can be a luxury that some residents can not afford. For the elderly or impaired traveling back and forth between health care facilities it can be an overwhelming task. Rx Direct Pharmacy can make pharmacy services more accessible which will have a positive effect on the overall health of the city’s residents. Rx Direct Pharmacy will be providing services where vitals will be performed such as pulse, blood pressure, and blood glucose. In addition we will provide vaccinations, education on medication usage and medication adherence by providing pill boxes to patients that are in need.