Business Plan Report 5

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Team members: ________________________________________________________________________________

Project Criteria


*Followed correct format (Times New Roman, 12 font, Margins 1 top/bottom, 1.25 left/right), used subheadings, easy to read

*Followed writing conventions and skills (grammar/spelling–proofread report before turning in work

*Overall report is concise, clear, and logical analysis

Pts. Possible



Pts. Earn




Start Up Costs:  

Identify costs of doing business…

ü  Identify fixed assets required and their cost.

Ø  Property/buildings

Ø  Manufacturing equipment and machinery

ü  Identify other assets required and their cost.

Ø  Furniture

Ø  Inventory and raw materials

Ø  Office supplies and equipment

ü  Identify other requirements and their cost.

Ø  Labor

Ø  Utilities

Ø  Vehicles

Ø  Insurance

Ø  Taxes

Ø  Legal

Break-even Analysis:

Perform a breakeven analysis…

ü  Categorize annual costs as fixed or variable.

ü  Calculate the total fixed costs, total variable costs, and variable cost per unit of product or service based on estimated annual output and identify the sales revenue required to break even.

Use the breakeven revenue to identify both the breakeven quantity based on planned pricing and breakeven price based on planned sales quantity, then assess whether either planned pricing, planned sales quantity, or both, need to be revised.


List your sources for your costs.  Make sure you footnote your costs and indicate its source so that it is credible. Use Chicago format.   Refer to

Total Group Report Score 24    

4=excellent           3=good                  2=average               1=below average