Business Process Management


Overall, this assignment requires you to describe and critically analyse a business process.  The assignment is to be undertaken individually and it constitutes 10% of the final mark of the course.

CLO1: Synthesise the principles of organisational strategy.

CLO2: Explain the role of Information Technology and other resources in BPM.

CLO4: Analyse the performance of existing processes and identify process improvement opportunities/strategies.



You have been hired by a client to analyse their core business process.

You should provide a review (aimed at the management and staff of the organisation you have chosen) of the current process and the prospective problems and issues based on your understanding and knowledge.


  1. Choose an organisation and in less than 50 words, describe the organisation/business

i.e. size; for profit/not for profit; what is the value proposition of the organisation.


  1. Identify a core business process in the organisation.

Describe the process as follows:

  • Name the process.
  • Outline how well the process is aligned with the organisation’s business strategy/objectives.
  • What type of process is it?
  • Who is/are the customer(s)?
  • What value does this process deliver to the customer(s)?
  • What are the key resources of the process?
  • What are the outcomes of the process? [maximum 250 words]


  1. Demonstrate that you understand the current process and critically assess its performance (in your own words) by identifying and analysing two significant problems or issues. [maximum 200 words]


Based on your analysis, provide two recommendations/improvements on how to address the problems/issues identified above. [maximum 200 words