Business Strategy


You are a business advisor that is specialised in strategic positioning. You have been approached by JD Sports that was nominated in the ‘Business of the year’ category by the City AM Awards 2019. The  company  has  been  distinguished  due  to  their  financial  performance  and  their  aggressive expansion strategy through an “inventive, nimble business that can still thrive in the sector” (City Am, 2019).  The company has hired you to produce a report that provides an outlook for the company’s

2020/2021Academic Year20212strategic direction for the next 5 years.

The company is particularly keen in keeping a health expansion strategy while maintaining it’s retail presence in the UK.This report should include the following sections:

Section 1: Macro Environmental Analysis(30%)

a)Analyse the strategic positioning of the organisation. This must include an assessment of the mission statement and the long-term goals of the organisation.

b)Critically analyse the current macro environment for JD Sports, and interpret information in order  to  produce  likely  scenarios that  present  opportunities  and  challenges  for  the  retail industry.

Section 2: Capability(30%)

c)Assess the internal capability of an organisation by using the McKinsey’s 7 S framework.

d)Critically evaluate the strategic capabilities of JD Sports, utilising a TOWS matrix.

Section 3: Competitive Analysis& Strategic Options(40%)

e)Apply the Porter’s Five Forces model and evaluate the competitive positioning for JD Sports.

f)Critically evaluate the  current  and  potential  strategic  positioning  for  JD  Sports  by  using Ansoff’s  matrix  and  Bowman’s  strategic  clock,  and  assess  the  company’s  expansion  effort domestically and internationally.

g)Present a  strategic  management  plan,  based  on  the  above analysis, that  produces  a  valid strategic direction, objectives and tactical actions for the next 5 years of the organisation in an international context.


•JD Sports Corporate Website:, Accessed on 04.02.2020

•McKinsey and Company (2019),Retail Insight, Available on the, Accessed  on 04.02.2020

•Deloitte (2020), Retail Trends 2020, Available on the, Accessed on 04.02.2020

The report should contain the following elements:

h)Brief executive summary. (excluded from the word count)

i)Glossary  of  terms  and  abbreviations:  A  glossary,  also  known  as  a  vocabulary,  is  an alphabetical  list  of  terms  in  a  particular  domain  of  knowledge  with  the  definitions  for  those terms. This ensures clarification and understanding of the terms used in the report. (excluded from the word count)

j)Introduction to the report and definition of strategy.

k)Section 1

l)Section 2

m)Section 3

n)Conclude your report with any key findings and recommendations

o)References in Harvard format and relevant appendices (both excluded from the word count)