Business Sust, Corp Govn & Org Activity 7

Activity I – Create a general social media policy that could be used by multiple companies.  You should consider the following questions when developing the social media policy:  Will these companies be allowed to monitor employee posts / pages on social media sites?  What privacy concerns does this raise?  How should companies deal with leaks of confidential information, material which could lead to an adverse employment decision, defamatory communications concerning a company, etc. that were obtained through monitoring an employee’s social media site?

Activity II – Visit the Newsroom at  Review a recent press release which involves a harassment and / or discrimination claim.  You should summarize the facts of the case, including the parties involved and the issues at hand.  You also should note any federal laws which apply to the situation and what the outcome is / will be / should be based on the application of such laws to the case.  Finally, using what you learn from the case, provide suggestions to management on how to handle a similar case in the future.