BUSS5221 Creative and Analytic Mindsets Assignment 2 – Collaborative Creative Pitch

BUSS5221 Creative and Analytic Mindsets

Semester 2 2021


Assignment 2 – Collaborative Creative Pitch  

(Group Assignment – Video Submission)


Summary of requirements

Weighting:                         20% (of final grade)

Due Date:

Time Limit: Maximum of ten (10 minute) video (including display of reference list)

Other Requirements:      Completion of a Peer Assessment – Feedback Fruits – available on the Canvas Assignment Portal.

Submit by the due date


Background and Objectives:

  • Assist students develop their creative thinking to reframe their business problem
  • Encourage students to experiment with different presentation tools and techniques to stimulate creative thinking in problem solving
  • Encourage students to work collaboratively outside of the online learning environment by stimulating broader thinking through group discussion
  • Assist students to develop their commitment to ongoing reading and research


Assignment Requirements – Ten (10) minute Video 

Collaborative Creative Pitch!


  1. Let’s Re-Cap

You have each submitted your individual piece – Pitching My Idea!

The natural progression is now to take the Pitch and develop it to a more mature or advanced position – making it a viable Sales Pitch.

This assignment will require your group to take the Pitch and further develop and explore its feasibility.

You will find additional information below to assist with your work.

It will be important to remember that this is a Sales Pitch and not a business case or justification. That will be the next step in our learning – constructing a business case is Assignment Three.

  1. Framing the Sales Pitch


  • You will create a ten (10) minute video. This is the maximum time allowed for the video. It is recommended that the video run for between eight (8) to ten (10) minutes.
  • What pitch will you develop? It is up to each group to spend some time reviewing and discussing the pitches each member developed and submitted for Assignment 2 – Pitching My Idea! The group is encouraged to choose the pitch that they feel will be best to take forward on the journey to Sales Pitch and Business Case. The choice is made by the group.
  • It is in your best interests to make this decision in your first group meeting, so that you can seek assistance and feedback in your workshops and progress the work



  1. Structuring the Sales Pitch

Here are some recommendations on how to structure the sales pitch:

  • Remember you are presenting this in a business environment. Perhaps to the State or National Sales Team of the organisation. This team will decide whether you are able to progress the Sales Pitch to a Business Case to be presented to the Board of Directors
  • Considerations include: what are the significant facts and contextual background relevant to your pitch?
  • What is the relative importance or practicalities of your pitch?
  • What might be any significant concepts, theories or principles that relate to your pitch?
  • Focus on structuring using some of these elements – Who (is it for, does it impact), Why

(why is it required/needed) and How (how does it solve the why)

  • If you are using specific terminologies that are industry based be sure to define them
  • The group is expected to conduct appropriate research to support the Sales Pitch. At the end of the video each group is required to provide a slide of their reference list. Scholarly and peer reviewed references are not compulsory and may not be appropriate for your pitch
  • Every member of the group must present in the video
  • Assessment 3 will take the Sales Pitch and progress it into a Business Case (Nailing the Pitch!). Each group will be allocated a set budget amount to ‘spend’ in their business case. The budget will be allocated based on the final mark achieved for this assessment!
  • For example: a mark of 85% will attract a budget allocation of $85,000; or a mark of 65% will attract a budget allocation of $65,000. So it is in your best interests to work collaboratively and develop a robust Sales Pitch
  • Good Luck !



  1. To address this assignment you will need to:


  • Conduct a critical review of the relevant literature around your case. This will require you to complete independent research and to evaluate at least five(5) references to support your case. These references may be industry surveys, white papers, newspaper articles, or other types of scholarly or practitioner-based research. Whilst there is no upper limit on the number of references you use, it is important that the references are well focussed to avoid vague generalisations and ensure relevance to the case.
  • The reading and research will enable the group to explore the topic as fully as possible.
  • Collaborate with your group to assimilate and assess the research you have conducted
  • Brainstorm your plan or outline keeping in mind the need to remain focussed on exciting and creative ideas
  • Organise your ideas into some semblance of order and place a structure around the presentation. Remember it is always good to provide a brief introduction and conclusion in these presentations.
  • Construct your presentation. You may use Powerpoint slides to support your video presentation.
  • Each group member is required to present. Each group is able to decide how long each group member is allocated to present. Aim for a coherent and seamless narrative.
  • Enjoy creating and recording your Sales Pitch! Try to offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Talk to your audience rather than read your notes.
  • Complete the Peer Assessment and Evaluation – Feedback Fruits. The link is in Canvas and the assessment must be completed by each group member. Every group member must complete this task.


  1. Need Inspiration?

Here you will find some potential data sources to assist with your inspiration:


  1. Submission requirements


Submit your assignments electronically by the due date. You will find the link for submitting this group assignment in the left hand menu tab of Canvas where the individual assignment details are located. Only

ONE group member is required to make the submission. Should submission problems occur, please contact the unit coordinator as soon as possible. Late assignments will be penalised in accordance with Business School Policy as set out in the UOS outline.

This assignment will be marked in accordance with the University’s anonymous marking procedure. Therefore all file submissions must be in the following format:

BUSS5221_Tutorial Number_000000

Where Tutorial Number = your Tutorial Reference Number and 000000 = your group number

  • The format for the assignment submission is a video and/or powerpoint presentation with embedded video(.ppt)
  • The format of the Peer Evaluation Form – Initial is .doc or .docx and can be submitted by one group member only via the separate Canvas portal


  1. Assignment Support

Further information will shortly be published advising students how to seek support for this assignment. Additionally, there will be a Discussion Board Forum made available in due course.

A rubric for this assignment will shortly be published on Canvas.

A Supplementary document ‘Working in Groups’ is available to provide additional support for this group task.