Buyer Behavior questions

Department: Department of Management

Module Title: Buyer Behaviour

  1. Please use in-text citations to indicate source material where appropriate.
  2. The word limit is 700 words per question.
  3. This assessment was released at 10 AM on Thursday, 8th July 2021. The window for completion of this assessment is 48 hours. The assessment is expected to take 3 hours (or more if identified in a Study Support Plan).

Questions(only 2 questions)

Question 1

Explain the influence of children on family buying roles and decision-making with particular reference to one of the European structures, and using some offerings as examples.


Question 2

Describe cultural production systems in relation to the concept of beauty as portrayed by the cosmetics industry.


Question 3

Examine the components of ‘habitual’ decision-making in the context of a product category of your choice.


Question 4

Describe classical operant conditioning and indicate how marketers can apply this behavioural learning theory in their work.


Question 5

Clarify the workings of sensory systems and the role of perceptual selection in providing opportunities to brands.


Question 6

Elaborate on the significance of global consumer culture with regards to the existence, or

otherwise, of an ‘ethical’ consumer.