BYSY (Business Information Systems) – Word Project

Create a Word Document

You will create a professional research paper like report which discusses any topic of your choice.

For Example: “The use of technology in education, both academic and corporate”.

Your report should contain the following required elements:

1. A Title page containing:

· Title of the Report

· Your Name and Student Number

· Prepared for Lab Instructor’s name

· 1 image relevant to your topic, used appropriately

2. Single-spacing, standard body and heading fonts as outlined in BCIT COMM style guide

3. Use Heading Styles 1 and 2 at the minimum

4. Use proper document structurefor example:

· Cover Page

· Executive Summary of Document

· Table of Content

· Table of Figures

· Introduction

· Discussion (Body of Document)

· Conclusion

· Index

· Bibliography

5. Insert and cite at least 5 images related to the topic, with captions assigned to all images

6. Insert at least 3 Tables (using Excel source or created by hand), with captions assigned

7. Insert at least 3 Charts (using Excel source or created by hand), with captions assigned

8. Use Headers containing the Title, Course, and your Last Names on all pages except the Title page

9. Use Footers containing the Page Number, Current Date (dynamic, not static), and Your Name on all pages except the Title page

10. Use at least three Sections in the document body (the Title page can be one section)

11. Use references or quotations from at least 3 external sources, as a minimum (more if needed):

· 1 web site

· 1 published book

· 1 article

12. Proper citations of external sources both in-line in the report and in a bibliography (Refer to the BCIT APA Style guide to ensure you adhere to professional reference standards: )

13. Table of Contents must display all Level 1 and Level 2 headings

14. Table of Figures must display the page location of graphics & tables used

15. An index with at least 5 meaningful index entries

16. Length of body of document should be between 3 to 5 pages of text, not counting the title page or any reference materials (bibliography, index, table of figures, etc.)

17. Total length of document can be between 12-20 pages depending on the content