Cancer Chemotherapy


Cancer Chemotherapy  – Coursework 1                                                                                                                               CHY8823



Answers should be uploaded onto Canvas.

Figures should be drawn using appropriate software or by hand, labelled clearly, and clearly referenced.

References should be cited in the text and given in full at the end of the coursework.

Format: Full Authors ,“Title”, Journal, date, volume, page numbers.

The maximum word count is 1500 words (except references), which should be stated at the end of the assignment.



Use written descriptions, fully labelled diagrams, and chemical schemes for each answer.





Q1 Explain the term ‘therapeutic index’ and discuss why conventional chemotherapy drugs have a low therapeutic index.




Q2 Explain the meaning of the following terms and DESCRIBE ONE NAMED example:
  (a)           oncogene,

(b)           tumour suppressor gene.




Q3 Vemurafenib (8) is an inhibitor of the B-Raf enzyme developed by Plexxikon and Genentech for the treatment of late-stage melanoma. A fragment discovery approach identified PLX4720 (7) as a potent b-Raf inhibitor. Discuss how structureactivity relationship studies conducted with fragment 7 led to the development of Vemurafenib (8).






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