A capstone involves a final research paper exploring a topic of interest, emerging from a student’s individualized program of study. It requires different intellectual activities. This project helps students learn how to find and analyze information and how to work with it efficiently.Ultimately, a capstone project represents new work and ideas, and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have gained during a certain semester. Based on the definition, your Capstone project must be done based on a topic you yourself as an individual is interested from our program of music study. It can be one pertaining to music history, music culture, and music politics and musicians. It should demonstrate your ability to research, interview and most importantly, to critically analyze the information you access.
As a result, it is going to be a lengthy paper, an 8-page one, well researched, well organized, well annotated. Use in text- notes and supply me with a bibliogrpahy that would include at least five books in the area you choose to work on. Technically, the font size should be 14, line spacing single, use Times New Roman. Avoid sloppy sentences, pay attention to your grammar. Plagiarism is subject to readical reduction in the final scores, which accounts for 30% of the total scores for the semester.