Please see attached “final capstone correct” I have started the paper but I need help completing the rest. I have inserted the format and how it needs to be, please follow the format. Do not delete any of the headings, just insert the information for each section based on the information that was given in the above sections.



The last portion of the paper’s directions:

Final Report on Practicum Experience:

In this last section, you will describe your time during your practicum. Use as level I & II headers-

· Reflect on what/who you observed, who you interacted with, and relevant reflections that made a significant impact on your way of approaching your topic and your interventions.

· Include logistical requirements & Recruiting, training, and/orientation of staff in your discussion: was the facility and area you were in appropriate for your topic? Did you have enough time? Was your preceptor helpful during your practicum? How would you obtain staff’s interest in your topic and its interventions (printed PowerPoints in the lounge or bathrooms?, etc). How long would it take for staff to learn about your interventions? How would you evaluate their learning (a 5 question quiz? An end-of-presentation survey?)

· Conclusion paragraph

· Each heading should have a min/max of 1-2 paragraphs each.


Some information for the logistical requirements: hospital is name Memorial Healthcare, worked in the emergency room, 49 bed ER, 1:5 patient ratio, level 2 trauma center. Preceptor was great and very helpful.