Capstone Project: Part 1 Assessment

  1. Complete Section 1: Introduction of the MGMT-522 Capstone Project Template. The introduction presents important background information for new Directors and should include:
    1. Brief history of the company with major milestones.
    2. Mission and vision statements if available.
    3. Principle business model of the company.  (Stated differently, how does the company make most of its profits?)
    4. Brief description of the industry.
    5. Brief description of the competitors.
  2. Complete Section 2: Analysis of the MGMT-522 Capstone Project Template. This section examines internal and external factors along with external competitive factors and should include:
    1. PESTEL Analysis.
    2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
    3. Internal Financial Analysis.
    4. SWOT Analysis.
    5. Major goals, or strategies of the company.
    6. Changes in strategy over time that you can identify.
    7. Summary of what strategies have worked, and which have not.
  3. You will submit the MGMT-522 Capstone Project Template with Section 1: Introduction and Section 2: Analysis completed