Case Analysis

1) With respect to APA formatting,

2) 2.5 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt. font typewritten case analysis (TEXT only not including references).

3) please review peer-reviewed journal articles and books for external source

4)  Use outside sources, to build your argument. Please refer to peer- reviewed sources and professional sources as you can find to back up your analyses and opinions.

5) Use the discussions questions at the end of the case to help frame/guide your analysis.

6) This case requires the knowledge from the International management concepts. For example, the question# 1 is about the framework of cultural factors. Conduct SWOT analysis to evaluate the culture of the host country for sourcing the necessary ingredients. Question #2 is understanding the global management to assess the market. What might be some of the strategies to manage global markets? The concepts you address, and your explanations need to be supported with relevant concept from the text.