Case Analysis and Presentation


Case Analysis and Presentation: Each team will be responsible for preparing a written case solution. It is expected that you will use some conceptual or analytical tool as presented in the textbook to solve the case. In your presentation you will include an explanation of how the conceptual or analytical tool works. Your analysis will adhere to the following format:

I. Major Facts- Who are the actors and what is the setting (company name, size, job titles of actors, and other pertinent info)? Do not repeat information from your case word-for-word as this may constitute plagiarism.]

II. Major Problem- What is the nature of the challenge? In some of the cases used in this class there is a plethora of information given about various problems and issues and you will provide a concise description.

III. Describe the conceptual/analytical tool.

IV. Answer all questions listed in the case.

The written report will range from 3-5 double spaced, typewritten pages, plus any additional appendix, charts, figures, and references that help to build your solution/ APA format