Case Analysis

Individual Case Analysis Paper Guidelines

For this assignment, you are asked to read the accompanying Wall Street Journal articles, do your own analysis of the situation described and then write a short, i.e. two (2) page, analysis and recommendation. Given the page restriction, you will need to be very concise but provide sufficient explanations of your analysis, recommendations and plan for implementation.

Case Analysis Paper #1: Uber

Read the case in the textbook, Uber: Driving Global Disruption, Hill 12e, pp C107-C117 and a foundation.

Then read the provided WSJ articles: (1) “Uber Sees Path to Profitability After Blow From Coronavirus” (2) “Uber, Lyft Cut Costs as Fewer People Take Rides Amid Coronavirus Pandemic” and (3) “California Sues Uber, Lyft Saying They Misclassified Drivers as Independent Contractors”, which provide updates on Uber’s situation.

The question you must address is: Based on recent changes in the external environment and Uber’s internal environment, what do you recommend the company to do successfully move forward given its current situation?

Case Analysis Outline (abbreviated)

(Derived from: Analyzing a case study and writing a case study analysis, Hill 12e, pp C4-C11)

1. Introduction to the issue or problem (two to three sentences only).

2. Identify the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses (Think in terms of resources, capabilities and distinctive competence).

3. Analyze the external environment (Consider the macro environment and the industry).

4. Summarize the SWOT analysis

5. Describe the corporate level or business level strategy

6. Make recommendations regarding WHAT the company should do and HOW it should do it. This is your recommendation about what to do and your plan for implementing the recommendation.


Two pages only. No title page required. Standard single spacing (default setting on most docs), 1 inch margins for top, bottom and sides.

At the top of page, list your name and the assignment title, for example: “Don Rumsfeld, Case Analysis #1”.