Case Study

Sleep Case Study: Write at least an one-sentence rationale


Christy Brown is a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom with two children who are 3 and 7 years of age. She brings Macy, the 3-year-old child, to the primary care practitioner because she wakes up almost every night screaming. When Christy goes into Macy’s room, Macy tells her that she was having bad dreams and cannot go back to sleep. Christy states that even when Macy is sleeping, she cannot sleep because of her husband’s loud snoring. These disturbances are causing Christy to be irritable and excessively sleepy in the daytime. Mae White is an ANP who is seeing Christy today. She is a nurse practitioner in the office with Christy’s primary care practitioner.


1. Mae wants to find out more about Christy’s sleep problems. What assessments should she include when discussing this with Christy?




2. Mae learns that since the summer, Macy has been going to bed when her 7-year-old sister goes to bed, and Macy does not take a nap during the day. What should Mae encourage Christy to do to help Macy sleep through the night?





3. Christy asks if there is anything that could be causing her husband to snore so loud. Before Mae can answer, she needs to gather more information. What could indicate that Christy’s husband may have sleep apnea? (Select all that apply.)


A. Snoring accompanied by snorting

B. Excessive daytime sleepiness

C. Positive family history of sleep apnea

D. Falling asleep at inopportune times