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1. Mrs. M is your neighbor. She works full time and is dealing with a troubled teenage son and her elderly parents. She confides in you that she “can’t” deal with her life right now. How could you assess her mental health?

2. Returning to the problem of your neighbor, Mrs. M, who is having difficulty coping with a full-time job, teenage son, and elderly parents. What about your neighbor’s behavior might indicate a mental illness?

3. A patient is admitted to your unit who has an uncanny resemblance to your older sister. As a child, your older sister bossed you around and criticized you constantly. You realize that you are responding negatively to this patient. What is going on? What should the nurse do?

4. A patient who just arrived on your unit says, “I don’t know why you need to do an assessment; I am just here to get my medicines adjusted.” How would you respond to this patient?