Case Study

Instructions: I have attached the case study needed to do this paper.

1. Use double line spacing and font size 12 in your answers.

2.  5-6 pages.

3. Apply the concepts you have learned directly in analyzing the case by simply stating them. Do not give explanations of these theoretical concepts from the readings.

4. Give evidences from the case material in support of your assessment of the family dynamics and structures. However, do not repeat some of background information provided in the case summary.

5. The intervention strategies should be specific, and family systems oriented instead of individual oriented.

Apply the family systems concepts you have learned from the readings, lectures, videos, etc. to analyze the case as summarized below by addressing the following questions:

1) State clearly and succinctly the presenting problem(s) of this family, that is, what caused them to come in for help or being referred for help by others. Do you see other issues as well?

2) What is your assessment of the relational structures and dynamics of the family (including boundaries, subsystems, power and hierarchy, triangulations, function of symptoms, communication patterns, family rules, etc., where applicable)?

3) What are some of the ways in which the family is handling their problems or relating to each other that have reinforced or exacerbated the problems (related to the concept of circular causality or mutual reinforcement)?

4) What do you see are the strengths of this family?

5) What is your assessment of the ecological resources (from the larger systems beyond the nuclear family) and limitations for this family?

6) How would you define the specific treatment goals for this family which address both the presenting and your assessed problems?

7) Suggest two intervention strategies and directions in working with this family to attain those goals which could be at the level of the subsystems, family systems or the larger ecological context.