Case Study and Spreadsheet Problems 2

Each team will be assigned a case study and a spreadsheet problem from a chapter in the textbook.  Each team will lead a 15 minute discussion about the case study and a 5 minute question/response.  As part of the presentation, the team will summarize the case study, present current data and/or articles that support or negate the information in the case study, and provide each members outlook or take on the article.  Each member must participate in the presentation by speaking and providing their opinion.  The team presentations will be due during our weekly meeting on Monday during the week of the exam.  If you are not able to join us for the weekly meeting your group can record and email me your presentation and we will show the presentation during the class time.
The spreadsheet problems are due any time during the week of the exam.  The last day to submit is Sunday (October 3rd) by Midnight of exam week.
Due: Midnight Sunday October 3rd.
Team 1:
Chapter 7  Spreadsheet Problem
Case Study 7-8 The New U.S. Digital Factory
Team 2:
Chapter 9 Spreadsheet Problem
Case Study 9-8 Advertisers are Taking on Competitors by Name… and Being Sued
Team 3:
Chapter 15 Spreadsheet Problem
Case Study 15-1 Cost Benefit Analysis and the SST
Team 4:
Chapter 15 Spreadsheet Problem
Case Study 15-6 Capital Budgeting Techniques of Major U.S. Firms