Case Study Essay, APA FORMAT, Paper Instructions:

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Download and read the files attached, Dana Hall Case Study A, B, C, D.

Submit your responses to the following questions:

1) What were the drivers of the problem at Dana Hall in the 1980s?

2) How important is Dana Hall’s mission statement been in the thirty-five year period?

3) Could the Athletic Center been done before the Science Center?

4) Is it time for a new mission statement process?

5) What advice would you like to give Caroline Erisman today?

* Title page

* Headings (convert questions to headings)

* In-text citations (cite the case and any other source you may have researched)

* References page

A cover page, abstract, 5 pages of content, and references (at least 5 references).

8 pages in total in APA format.