Case Study -MAPP Strategic Plan Initiatives

Case Study, Part I

Review Chapter 3 in the textbook. Prepare an analysis of Steps 1 through 3 of the MAPP Strategic Plan initiatives and apply at least three quality and/or risk management concepts, measures, and tools in your paper.

Paper must be 3 pages with 2 scholarly sources published in the last five years.

MAPP Process

The MAPP process includes six steps (NACCHO 2010): (steps 1-3 for paper)

1.   Organizing for Success: This step involves organizing the planning process and developing partnerships.

2.   Visioning: The visioning step engages stakeholders in a collaborative, creative process of developing a shared community vision withcommon values.

3.   Conducting Community Assessments: Four community assessments provide information about internal and external environmental trendsrelevant to the community:

•   Community Themes and Strengths Assessment: Identifies local community interests, perceptions about quality of life, and assets.

•   Local Public Health System Assessment: Appraises the capacity of the local public health system to conduct essential public healthservices.

•   Community Health Status Assessment: Analyzes data about health status, quality of life, and risk factors.

•   Forces of Change Assessment: Identifies changing external forces and dynamics of the community and the local public health system.