7CCSMROB & 6CCS3ROS Coursework

7CCSMROB & 6CCS3ROS Coursework

King’s College London — March 26, 2021

Coursework Brief

Please complete BOTH objectives and ALL tasks below. This coursework is worth 30% of your overall mark on the module. Each task carries equal marks and the total is 100 marks.

The coursework is due by 3pm on Monday, April 26th 2021. Please ensure your work is submitted before this deadline.

Submission is through KEATS only. Your submission must be a formal technical report that does not exceed 9 pages and must include a cover page, list of contents, abstract and references using the Harvard Referencing system. Please make sure that the report headings correspond to the objectives and tasks below. Also please include a description, discussion and justification in all the tasks for your choices and approach taken.

Info: IMPORTANT: This is an individual assignment only and therefore no group work is allowed. Plagiarism is taken very seriously at King’s. If in doubt please consult your handbook or contact the module leader of the PGT office by emailing at pgt-engineering@kcl.ac.uk.

1.0 Background

A company called King’s Robotics Limited has been asked to prepare a design study for the deployment of a robotic assembly solution on behalf of their client. The client wishes to deploy an automated flexible manufacturing cell, whereby one of the components of the cell is a pick-and-place station feeding parts from the CNC machine tool to the assembly station of the cell. The client has provided the specification of the workspace and it is shown in Fig. 1 and described below.

The conveyor has dimensions of 300 x 5000 x 1000 mm, and the specific geometry of the part type to be manipulated has dimensions of 30 x 100 x 50 mm. The location of the robot to be installed is 500 mm away from the horizontal conveyor and 800 mm away from the vertical conveyor as shown in the figure.

Figure 1: Schematic of the workspace to automate

2.0 Aim

The aim of the study is to design an appropriate solution for the pick and palce task given a specifc design of the workspace the robot will be operating within. In particular it is to design a robot solution that can pick up the parts described above from the horizontal conveyor shown in the figure and place them to the vertical conveyor of the figure.

3.0 Objectives

The study is to meet the following objective:

  1. To design the solution
  2. To provide a complete kinematic analysis of the solution


Question 1

  1. Design Objective: The design objective is broken down into the following tasks. Please complete them all and include them in your report.
    1. Descirption the environment and the specific workspace and determine the list of specific motions the robot has to undertake whist performing the pick-and-place task
    2. Determine the trajectory of the robot and list the points it has to visit whilst performing the task
    3. Specify an appropriate robot configuration capable of the performing the pick and place task and provide a clear justification of your choice
    4. Determine the type of joints and degrees of freedom of the robot, with justification for your choice
    5. Specify the dimensions of the robot to fit the workspace, including all the link lengths that are appropriate for the task to be performed
    6. Propose the type of actuators that might be appropriate for your solution
    7. Select an end-effector that is appropriate and provide your justification
    8. Provide a 2D (or even 3D) drawing of your robot

[58 marks]

Question 2

  1. Analysis: The analysis objective is broken down into the following tasks. Please complete them all and include them in your report.
    1. Determine the complete direct kinematics model of your robot, including the allocation of coordinate frames, the extraction of the kinematic parameters and the arm matrix.
    2. Determine the inverse kinematics equations of your robot
    3. Determine the joint-space work envelop by specifying the contraints the joints have to operate within
    4. Determine the Manipulator Jacobian
    5. Perform dynamic analysis by finding the tool configuration Jacobian
    6. Find the internal vector of internal joint torques when the end effector carries an object of mass m and is stationary

[42 marks]

Create A Political Party.

You need to create a political party.  Info on your party should include

-your party’s name

-a good description of your own party’s platform (list of things they want to get done).

Your platform should include AT LEAST four agenda items

-a list of the people who would likely support your party.

Some examples are:



-social class

-education level (etc…you may use others that you find elsewhere)

-media outlets that would likely support your party (I want specific examples).

Fox News is a media outlet.  You should include two media outlets and should also explain why they would likely support your party-you need to identify if your party is mainstream (one that tons of people would support like the Republicans or Democrats) or extreme (one that only a select group of people will support – like the American Nazi Party)

-you have to pick a party mascot (example: Republicans are elephants and Democrats are donkeys)

– feel free to be creative but don’t be gross

-you have to choose a presidential candidate and tell me why you chose them (your candidate CANNOT be you or a family member).

They can be real people, cartoon characters, or people on TV

-make up a party slogan (a catchy phrase that will attract people to your cause)

-write a short campaign speech from your presidential candidate trying to get people to vote for them (since that’s what political parties care about most)

This paper is designed to encourage creativity while working with what you know about political parties.  Your parties can be ‘fun’ and ‘nontraditional.’ I like creative party names and slogans.  They don’t have to be anything close to what we have.  Try to stay away from names like (Republicrat, Democan, etc).  I want you to THINK about this.  As long as your party is somehow applicable to American politics, game on!

Paper needs to be 4-5 FULL double spaced pages (and that DOES NOT include any pictures/title pages/etc.).Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.

Extra Credit

A Total of Maximum of 4 Extra Credit Points towards lowest scoring test out of Test 1 or Test 2.

submit a one page video/reading review that answers the questions provided IN AN ESSAY FORMAT (Double Spaced, Font 12 Times New Roman). Each Assignment is worth from 2 to 4 points. For a total of 4 points. I will not give extra extra credit for work submitted that goes beyond the 4 point mark. 
Once you are ready to submit via Turnitin make sure to fuse your assignments into ONE DOCUMENT. Format: The submission should include your name, course number, title of review. It should be a double-spaced paper, typewritten in font-size 12 (preferably Times New Roman font). Be sure to proofread! If your reviews are poorly written I cannot give you the extra credit.



 Salvador (2 points)

See What’s Driving People out of El Salvador? (Links to an external site.)

1. What is driving people out of El Salvador? (answer in an essay format)

2. Why are people hopeful with El Salvador’s new President?




Cuba (2 points):

Answer the following questions after reading the article by Yoani Sanchez on Cuba  “After 50-Plus Years, Finally It Won’t Cost $1 a Minute to Make a Call From Miami to Havana (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external si

1. In 2015 how easy was it for Cuban’s to make a telephone call to the US?

2. How did the situation change in 2017?

3. How hopeful is  the  dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez of the future of communications in Cuba?

4. What are your observations of this article?



Using Personality Assessment To Inform Comorbid Addiction Diagnosis

Discuss one possible benefit and one possible limitation of using personality assessments to inform a comorbid addiction diagnosis. Then, explain at least one ethical and one cultural consideration to take into account when using personality assessments to inform comorbid addiction diagnosis. Be sure to cite the ACA Code of Ethics and the Association for Assessment in Counseling Standards for Multicultural Assessment.

The resources needed to complete this assignment have been uploaded.

Assignment: Coping Strategies

Assignment: Coping Strategies

Children often experience fear and uncertainly related to military life. It can range from any of the following: Where am I going to live? Will I make new friends at my new school? Will I like the new school? Will my parent be okay when deployed? What happens if he or she comes home disabled? Or is killed? How do I deal with not having control over anything?

For this Assignment, think about how you might answer some of the aforementioned typical fears from a child or adolescent. This Assignment is an opportunity to be creative, which can be an essential tactic when working with children and adolescents. If you were providing psycho-educational information to children or adolescents about coping with fear and uncertainty, what might be an effective method?

Use one of the following suggested methods or one of your own to promote coping strategies related to fear and uncertainty:

  • A short story
  • A story or layout for a children’s book
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A brochure
  • A pamphlet
  • A game

Include the following in your method:

  • An explanation of how you would normalize fear and uncertainty as it relates to military experience
  • Ways to express feeling
  • How and why to reach out for help
  • How to cope with fear and uncertainty

Cite a scholarly resource to support your assignment.

Discussion: Effects of Relationship and Family Violence

Required Readings

James, R. K., & Gilliland, B. E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 10, “Partner Violence” (pp. 286-330)
Chapter 11, “Family Crisis Intervention” (pp. 331-372)

Discussion: Effects of Relationship and Family Violence

One in four women will be a victim of partner violence in her lifetime. One-third of female homicides are at the hands of a partner. Boys who witness relationship violence are twice as likely to abuse their partners. The witnessing of relationship violence during childhood is the strongest risk factor for partner violence among adults (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2010). These statistics indicate that relationship or family violence is an insidious issue, often resulting in a multigenerational transmittal of trauma. Not only is there the significant physical and emotional traumatic impact of relationship and family violence, but there are also a host of societal problems that occur as a result, including the legal, medical, social, and foster care systems.

For this Discussion, select an example of relationship or family violence from the media (past or present), a book, a movie, or history. Think about the short- and long-term effects on the survivor(s) in the example. Note any special intervention considerations you might need to take into account if treating the survivor(s).

By Day 4

Post a brief description of the example you selected that illustrates relationship or family violence. Explain the primary short-term and long-term effects of the violence on the survivor(s). Include some effects not mentioned in the resource material. Finally, explain any special intervention considerations you might need to take into account if treating the survivor(s).

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

SOCW 6070 Week 7 – Assignment: Safety And Agency Responsibility

Assignment: Safety and Agency Responsibility

When you walk into a human services organization, do you think about your safety? What about when you prepare to make a home visit or attend a meeting in the community? As a social worker, you may find yourself in situations in which your personal safety is at risk. Although you, as an administrator, cannot prepare for every situation, you should be proactive and put a plan into place to address issues related to workplace violence in the event that it occurs.

For this Assignment, focus on the Zelnick et al. article on workplace violence and consider what plan you might want to have in place if you were an administrator having to address a similar workplace violence situation.

Assignment (600-words in APA format not counting title and reference pages):

Draft a plan for a human services organization explaining how to address traumatic emergency situations. Include both how to respond to the emergency and how to address any long-term effects. Finally, based on this week�s resources and your personal experiences, explain your greatest concern about the safety of mental health professionals working in a human services organization.

Must contain at least 4 references from the following materials:


Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.
Review Chapter 10, “Listening to Out-Group Members” (pp. 252-275)
Chapter 11, “Managing Conflict” (pp. 277-306)
Chapter 13, “Overcoming Obstacles” (pp. 337-357)

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014b). Social work case studies: Concentration year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing [Vital Source e-reader].
“Social Work Supervision: Trauma Within Agencies” (pp. 7–9)

Zelnick, J. R., Slayter, E., Flanzbaum, B., Butler, N., Domingo, B., Perlstein, J., & Trust, C. (2013). Part of the job? Workplace violence in Massachusetts Social Service Agencies. Health & Social Work38(2), 75–85.

Social Stratification


Please post responses following questions.

1.   Watch video, ‘Social Stratification in the United States’ and read class materials from Learning Resources under the Week 5 Content. Define the meaning of social stratification and provide real-life examples of social stratification in our society.

2.   Watch videos, ‘Global inequality,’ and ‘Globalization and its effects on developing countries’ and read class materials from Learning Resources under the Week 5 Content. Define the meaning of global stratification and provide real-life examples of global stratification.

3.  What is structural mobility and how does this concept describe the decline of manufacturing jobs in the US.

4.  The functionalist theory of stratification assumes that people are fairly compensated for the amount of time, energy and skills they put into their jobs. What criticisms could one make about this view?

5.  What has globalization done to influence income and wealth inequality in the United States?  Explain using an example.

6.  Explain modernization theory and dependency theory. Which do you think is more useful for explaining global inequality? Why? Explain using examples.

7.  Why is it important to understand and be aware of global stratification?  Make a list of specific issues that are related to global stratification. For inspiration, turn on a news channel or read the newspaper. Next, choose a topic from your list and look at it more closely.  Who is affected by this issue?  How is the issue specifically related to global stratification?

Video –     Social Stratification in the United States -https://youtu.be/MEEOnV4uZTE

Video. –  Global Inequality  –  https://youtu.be/KBsOwZRKzcE

OpenStax Introduction to Sociology

Chaper 9 Social Stratification in the United States

Chapter 10 Global Inequality


Epidemiology of covid 19 and nursing

Identify the problem: Covid-19 patiemts have better outcomes when nurse intervention are put in place.
Identify the target population: Covid-19 patients

Week 3 Prenatal Testing Scenario And Reflection

In the scenario assignments below, you are asked to reflect on responses to the presented scenario. It should not just be writing down your first reaction or what you already know.Reflection involves critical thinking, which means rethinking your existing knowledge and previously held opinions in light of what we have learned about theories of ethics, logic, and reasoning. You will need to question your current knowledge and beliefs.Discuss the main points of the debate, what stance you take, support that stance, and discuss the opposing argument. Also discuss an ethical theory that would apply to defend your view.To complete each scenario assignment:

  1. Complete the entire scenario.
  2. Compose your reflection in a Word document and be sure to address, at a minimum, the following questions:
    • Why do you feel the way you do about the issue presented?
    • Of the four responses offered in the scenario, which do you think is the most ethical and why?
  3. Support your conclusions with evidence and specific examples from the textbook, including a minimum of one theory of ethics to defend your stance.
  4. Your reflection must be 1-2 pages in length and follow APA formatting and citation guidelines as appropriate, making sure to cite at least two sources

the discussion of topic is a blood test given to screen for Down syndrome in the first trimester.

***below I will upload files of the two debates between Dr.Garcia and Dr.Williams and choose which one is more ethical and follow the rest of instructions above to write the paper.