Change Plan And Coalition Building

Assignment: Developing a Change Plan – Steps 1 and 2, Creating Urgency and Building a Guiding Coalition

Throughout this course, you are going to build a change plan using Kotter’s eight-stage process for creating change. Each week, you will use the Learning Resources to guide you through the change process step-by-step. You will then submit the individual steps as your weekly assignment. At the end of the course, you will have practiced all of the steps you need to create and implement change within your organization or community.

For the first stage of your change plan, you will begin by selecting a positive change you would like to implement to help improve your organization or community. You will then use Steps 1 and 2 in Kotter’s eight-stage process to begin creating urgency and building your coalition.


In preparing for this assignment, think about the various organizations or communities with which you are involved. For example, think about the company you work for, the places where you volunteer, or the community you live in. What positive change do you believe could improve the organization or community of which you are a part? What key information is important to help develop your change plan?


To prepare for this Assignment:


Introduction, “The Heart of Change” See attachments

Concept for Diagnosing and Developing Organizational Change – See attachments

Exercise on pp. 34–35 of the course text, The Heart of Change See attachments





To complete Steps 1 and 2 in your Change Plan, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

· Introduction

· Identify a positive change that would improve an organization or community with which you are familiar.

· Briefly describe the organization.

· Discuss why you feel this change is necessary and how the organization would benefit from this change.

· Be sure and build a firm case on why this change is crucial.

· Establishing a Sense of Urgency

· Identify any areas of complacency within the organization.

· From Figure 1 in Schweiger, et al. (2016), which organizational change capability would you describe as a strength of your organization? Which would you describe as a weakness? What steps will you take to address the weakness as you create a sense of urgency?

· Outline a plan for creating urgency for the positive change you have identified.

· Use the Exercise on pp. 34–35 of the course text, The Heart of Change, as a guideline in the process.

· Creating a Guiding Coalition

· Outline the individuals that would be important to include in your guiding coalition. You do not need to use names, but describe the role each plays in the organization.

· Identify the criteria you used for selecting your coalition.

· Discuss the contributions each role would play in guiding the change process.

· Defend why this group is ideal for this coalition over other possibilities.

· 3-5 pages

· No Plagarism

· APA citing