Change Project Implementation

Following each implementation phase, students should complete a log requiring 1-2 pages types APA style.  Implementation logs should be both informative and reflective — i.e. what you are doing, what you are reading in the literature, how do your activities correspond to reading assignments, and what are your thoughts and reflections regarding the concepts learned in this program.

An acceptable implementation log will be 1 typed, double-spaced pages with a cover and reference page including the following information:

(1) Describe what you’ve been doing to complete your change project;

(2) Report on literature that pertains to your project (a minimum of 3 journal articles should be referenced in each log);

(3) Include appropriate reference citations in APA style;

(4) Include a reference page in APA style;

(5) Include an element of reflection;

(6) Be relatively free of grammatical errors; and

(7) Be written in a style appropriate to the standard of the professional nurse

Healthcare in Prisons