Chapter 1 Discussion Questions


1) Briefly explain the evolution of the HR function in organizations.

2) Summarize the basic ideas underlying the human resource management (HRM) system concept.

3) Do you think HRM would have become more important even if laws such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act had never been passed? Why, or why not?

4) Who is responsible for HRM?

5) What are the goals of HRM?

6) Briefly explain the human resource management goal of complying with legal and social obligations.

7) Will sexual misconduct at work pose a challenge to human resource management in the coming years? How does the “Me Too” movement affect HRM practices?

8) Do you think it might be possible for a large company today to function without an HR department? Why or why not?

9) Do you think some HRM goals are more important than others? Why, or why not?

What implications might be drawn if a particular manager felt that certain goals were indeed more important than others?

10) What are the challenges presented by new laws concerning immigration into

the United States, and how does this affect the workforce?