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Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!!!!


After reading the article (LINK BELOW) (4-1) and viewing the presentation (4-2), address the topic/question below. The words “describe,” “define,” or “explain” will require you to add enough detail to your answer to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the construct (Use your own words!!! Do not copy from the text.). Use details and terms from the chapter to support your answer. Also, keep in mind that simply using a word in a sentence does not demonstrate an understanding; using it in context does. For example, saying that children should have access to divergent materials does not show me that you know what is meant by the term divergent. Rather saying something such as the following does show an understanding of the term: Children should have access to divergent materials, such as ______, as they allow the child to explore the multiple ways the materials can be used. This use of the word divergent clearly indicates an understanding of the term. Be sure your definitions and descriptions are demonstrative of this level of awareness.

Read the following below to answer the following question.

1. “Early Learning Standards: Creating the Conditions for Success” Article (4-1)

2. Presentation (4-2) “Early Childhood Content Standards”

Q1. (NO WORK CITED PAGE) Exactly 250 words

Describe what you consider to be two advantages and one disadvantage of early content/learning standards. Support your reasoning for each with information from the article and presentation. Include a link to your state’s (CALIFORNIA) standards as a part of your post.

*Keep in mind that even though you are being asked what your opinion of the standards, they do need to be consistent with the course material (you cannot pull a reason out of thin air unless you are able to support it using the course material).

Tips: Be sure to…

support each of your opinions using information from the course material
organize your work clearly so it is easy to identify each advantage and disadvantage
keep your work consistent with the course material (in other words, you cannot identify something as a strength that the video or presentation said was a disadvantage unless you think you can make a strong supportive case for it)