Child Development



Step 1: This week you have researched the topic of moral development in early childhood. Your task is:

Create 10 open-ended interview questions that are directly related to this week’s topic, and you will use these questions in interviewing an early childhood professional.
Your objective is to find out how parents and professionals go about positively influencing moral development in children.
Seek out information about the following topics: How parents involve children in decision-making, how they discipline, how religion and values are nurtured, and other ways that children are taught moral development.
You may want to ask follow-up questions to ensure that you get detailed information. You will submit your questions and the detailed interview answers.
Step 2: Your task is to analyze what you have learned from your interview and your research this week to write an essay to include:

Key points from this week’s reading on Moral Development
Your essay should be 1200 words and should include at least three (3) citations.