Child Education

Look at the first attachment coat of arms self esteem. You do not need to fill out just pretend like you did and then answer the following:

  • Choose one or two of the 4 areas and discuss how these concepts are important to you and why?
  • How do you think these concepts were/were not emphasized to you growing up? What messages did you receive from adults about these ideas?
  • What more do you think you need to know or do to support the development of young children’s self-esteem?
  • What is the relationship between significance, competence, power and virtue in your own life?

Prompt # 2  use 2nd attachment turn to chapters 10 and 11 that have info on gender

Another topic is Gender- on the surface this seems to be a simple concept but in actuality is very complex.  Your text book and lecture resources contain a great deal of information this week.  Please read the chapter, explore all the resources and answer the following three questions in your discussion this week.

  1. How is the concept of equity related to gender roles and parenting? (think about this carefully- remember that equality and equity are NOT the same concept)
  2. What behaviors do parents and teachers participate in that may unconsciously send messages to children about their interests and capabilities and why is it important that ECE professionals are aware of these messages?
  3. Review the guidelines for parents and educators on pg 258-259- which of these suggestions are practices that you are ready to try (identify one or two) and why would they be meaningful for your personal or professional life?

DO prompt 1 and prompt 2 and this should be about a page with thorough answers